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Resolve Compliance

Stay in good IRS standing, bulletproof your books and understand tax implications.

Tax & Compliance Services Accounting & Bookkeeping
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Keep Pace With Growth

Get an expert evaluation to bring your legacy systems and operations up to speed with rapid growth.

Accounting Oversight Software Implementation Services
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Build a Roadmap for Growth

Looking to enter new markets? Eyeing an acquisition? Bring on an industry leader who has done it.

Strategic Advisory Growth Strategy Consulting Transaction Advisory

Inform Strategic Decision Making

Boost your forecasting, reporting and analytics to improve cash flow and identify risk or opportunity.

CFO Services Financial Planning & Analysis Business Analysis Services

Drive Productivity and Efficiency 

Gain project management support or internal advisory to improve procedures and operations.

staff augmentation

Fill Skill and Capacity Gaps

Cover a sudden vacancy or meet niche and complex client advisory services.

tax audit

Ease Seasonal Rushes

Get more hands on deck to meet tax and audit demand, prevent quality degradation and reduce turnover.

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Enhance Your Strategic Capabilities With Tailored AI Solutions

Stay competitive in the future of finance. Streamline AI adoption with our suite of customizable solutions, from AI readiness mapping to data analytics support.

Explore AI Services

Talent Acquisition, Elevated

Paro goes beyond reducing friction in the hiring process. We’re a growth platform that brings together businesses and talent to solve short-term challenges and plan long-term growth.

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Faster access to vetted talent

Get paired with the top 2% of finance talent 20x faster, using proprietary AI matching to find your best fit across 60+ industries and 250+ skill sets.

Maximum project efficiency

Your experts have access to innovative administrative and project management tools to boost efficiency on your projects and streamline project kickoffs.

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A focus on your growth

Data-rich insights guide you toward solutions that anticipate your next challenge and ensure you’re matched with someone who has been there.

Become a Paro Expert

Join an elite network of professionals and get the tools to build your own independent business.

Achieving Your Vision Together

Experience the same success as organizations like yours with the help of Paro’s finance, accounting and bookkeeping services.


Deborah B.

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Paro offered refreshing ideas for how to streamline our operations to make them more efficient. Their team was consistently helpful, intelligent and thoughtful.


Elizabeth O.

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I should have done this years ago. The burden that has been lifted is amazing.


Tim L.
Creative Director & Founder

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Paro’s services have given me something that I have not had in years—peace of mind and a Profit and Loss Statement!

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Eye on the Industry

Explore the latest research, trending topics and more from our library of finance and accounting resources.

q and a cfo strategies


Q&A: CFO Strategies for Integrated Business Planning

A Paro fractional CFO/COO shares his strategies for aligning finance and operations in order to connect performance goals with financial impact.

book open ARTICLE

The Modern Finance Function: How Roles Are Evolving

Here’s how the finance function is becoming a strategic partner.

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Cash Flow Management Tips to Jumpstart Growth

Get short-term and long-term fixes to improve your cash flow.

clipboard check 1 SURVEY

Closing the AI Adoption Gap

Learn about the current and future state of AI in finance.


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